What we do

For us, each project is to be seen in its specific historic and spatial context, the genius loci. For this reason, the precise knowledge of the asset situation together with an optimum implementation of the needs of the client is an essential prerequisite for the successful implementation of the project.


Our services:

  • Comprehensive and holistic analysis and documentation of the existing situation on site (basic evaluation, 3D scan, 360° photos)
  • Feasibility studies taking into account the urban, architectural, functional, constructive, economic and temporal framework for the building and complex interior structures
  • Planning and designing together with the users, also including models
  • Preparation of planning and action concepts for implementation (preliminary design, design and planning of execution)
  • Comprehensive advice on the room concept, compliance with the requirements of property insurers, work and health protection, ergonomics of infrastructure elements, energy consulting, illumination design, choice of materials
  • Creation of cost and time plannings for the project implementation
  • Tendering the required construction and facilities services, selecting suitable companies for the implementation and preparation of construction contracts
  • Support of the realization on site (ongoing construction supervision, regular construction meetings)
  • Documentation of the completed construction project


Since 1988, we are working for numerous municipal, public and private owners of heritage-listed buildings and real estate. In Marburg an der Lahn, we attend several dozens of listed buildings in the core city with a stock of more than 350 apartments throughout the city center.

The conservation and construction supervision of former Knights goods has emerged in recent years as another focus of work. We have implemented challenging projects in this field in close cooperation with the monuments administration of the countries of Lower Saxony, Hesse and Thuringia, as well as the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz (German Foundation of Listed Buildings) using public and private funding.

In 2004 ARC NOVA Gotha received a recognition in form of an award for the redevelopment of the Rittergut Rosenthal (Manor of Rosenthal) given by the Preis für Denkmalpflege der Niedersächsischen Sparkassenstiftung (Prize for the preservation of monuments by Sparkasse Foundation Lower Saxony).

We collaborated with the construction management team in the realization of the town bath in Gotha in 2014 (planning by av-a architects, Berlin), which received the recognition of the Thüringer Preis für Baukultur (Thuringian Prize for Building Culture).


green architecture

Given the global challenges of climate change, we want to meet up with of our responsibility to operate under the premise of sustainable and energy criteria when building new buildings, modifications and renovations.

You wish to build a passive house or improve the energy balance of your building? We accompany you:

  • Planning and execution support of low-energy and passive houses
  • Creation of energy passes for new and existing buildings
  • Investment planning and budgeting of renovation and maintenance services as well as their allocation and monitoring


Our balance:

  • more than 500 energy passes since 2008 in Luxembourg
  • more than 45 conducted energy consultings
  • over 20 contruction works implemented in terms of energetic modernisation



  • ARC NOVA Luxembourg has taken over the archives of energy passes and energy consultations from the former company ENERCO sàrl.


Interior design

Since 1988, ARC NOVA is active in the field of architectural and interior planning under the leader of Dipl. Ing architect Oliver Baumheier and Dipl. Ing. Volker Doench.

We specialize in the planning and implementation of administration and office buildings with service functions and visitor traffic. The integrated planning of building construction, interior design and building technology is the basis of our way of working. The inner functionalities of the work and service spaces are generally planned together with the buildings’ users. This is done in the studio of our partner 3X – Banktechnik, and planned at a scale of 1:25.

Our most comprehensive interior project was the accompaniment of Thematic Area of the EXPO 2000 within the management team of the BIEGE (Bietergemeinschaft des deutschen Handwerks = Bidding Consortium of the German Trades). Here, with a team of more than 30 people and a volume of more than 100 million €, an area of over 25,000 square meters was planned within two years – and implemented into reality within just a few weeks from April until June 2000.

Since 2002, a cooperation exists with the DG Verlag (Deutscher Genossenschaftsverlag = German cooperative publishing) in the form of a framework agreement. This offers exclusive advantages for the use of our service and consulting services for the owners of the DG-Verlag. Since 2013, the service provision in this highly specialized segment was further deepened and intensified by the integration of the 3X Banktechnik GmbH in Heiningen into the partner network, the leading partner for the realisation of bank branches for the DG-Verlag (Deutscher Genossenschaftsverlag) and the DSV (Deutscher Sparkassenverlag).


Project Management

Thanks to many years of experience, we can accompany complex projects from urban planning and development preparation via project management and project steering to detailed design.

The early budget and scheduling is of high value specifically for public construction projects such as social housing.

Our services in detail:

  • Participation in the phrasing of the project, research of the framework conditions
  • Installation of budget and schedules
  • Participation in the tender or finding of professional planners
  • Steering of project realization, budget and construction controlling

Participation in the evaluation of the projects

Expert reports

Moisture damage? Mildew? Construction deficits?

We are equipped with the right technology and experience to analyze your problems – since 2013 also as judicially sworn expert in Luxembourg.

Expert reports and court opinions on:

  • Inventories
  • Building damage reports
  • Opinion on planning deficiencies
  • Review of energy efficiency
  • Thermography, pipe inspection, humidity measurements
  • bid and measurement controlling, accounting, economic comparisons
  • Review of the structure and sealing of components and construction elements
  • Opinion on building physics with heat flow and thermal bridges, cold and heat insulation, energy performance certificates
  • Opinion on building management, especially inspection on the vertical cadastre